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How to get to Swarthmore, for geeks [Jan. 29th, 2005|12:33 pm]
Free Culture Swarthmore


Last semester, when we invited Eben Moglen to Swarthmore (see Eben's speech), Nathan wrote up these directions and sent them to Eben, just to prove that he's a geek. Don't try to actually use these to get here unless you're a geek too.

switch (transportation_method){
    case airplane:
        transport(airplane, PHL);
        if (feeling(important)) {
            transport(cab, Swarthmore); }
        else {
            transport(SEPTA_R1, Center City);
            transport(SEPTA_R3, Swarthmore); }
    case train:
        transport(Amtrak, Philadelphia 30th St);
        if (feeling(important) && liking(traffic)) {
            transport(cab, Swarthmore); }
        else {
            transport(SEPTA_R3, Swarthmore); }
    case car:
        transport(car, Swarthmore);

Visit us sometime, and help us debug our pseudocode!

[User Picture]From: rose_garden
2005-08-03 11:27 pm (UTC)
Between Swarthmore and the Airport, Septa buses are usually faster than Septa train (44 minutes versus 1 hour and 15 minutes, if memory serves) and they are always much less expensive.

The only catch is that you have to make a transfer in Chester and you have to recognize Swarthmore and pull the cord when you get there.
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[User Picture]From: skyfaller
2005-08-03 11:32 pm (UTC)
Those do seem to be significant barriers... transfers can be difficult, and Swarthmore could be hard to recognize for someone who hasn't been there before. Simplicity is probably valued over speed, in this case.
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